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Allied soldiers in the trenches during the
Battle of the Somme, World War I.
“Till the war drum throb no longer, And the battle flags were f
Alfred Tennyson
The design of the Lodge Banner
bears a close resemblance to the
scene depicted in the last of the
seven tapestries which illustrate
the search by King Arthur’s
Knights for the Holy Grail by the
artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones.
The grail is reputed to be the
vessel used by Jesus when
comforting his disciples at the
last supper. There is a theory
that it was brought to
Glastonbury by Joseph of
World War 1 image
Top image: The Attainment of the Grail
tapestry, designed by Sir Edward Burne-
Jones 1895-96, now in the Birmingham
Museum and Art Gallery.
war jewel Mystic Quest
The Lodge of the Mystic Quest was consecrated
on 17th of September 1918, two months before
the signing of the Armistice ending the First
World War.

We are a daughter lodge of Arter Lodge (No.2654) and a
sister lodge to Lodge of Futurity (No.6455).
The Lodge is unique in that it is the only lodge in
Freemasonry that bears this title - as far as we are aware.
Why choose the title “Mystic Quest”? When the founders
were planning their new Lodge, there seemed no end to the
devastation of war in Europe. Might not the “Quest” then be
a real solution to the vexed question of war? Could not a
worldwide Brotherhood be achieved?

The Lodge of the Mystic Quest No.3873
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The Lodge of the Mystic Quest, No.3873
The Moseley Masonic Lodge, Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 6TD. email: enquiries@mysticquest3873.org.uk

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