The Lodge of the Mystic Quest No.3873
When considering Freemasonry it is important to keep in mind that our membership is drawn from men of
different backgrounds and that they represent the society in which we all live. Our aim is self improvement.
We trust you will find the information you are looking for within this site.  If you require any further information,
then please do not hesitate to make contact with our fraternal organisation.
Supporting the community and our fellow masons for 94 years...
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Mystic Quest compass and square
As Worshipful Master,
I welcome you to the website
of The Lodge of the Mystic
Quest No.3873.

We hope and trust that your interest in
Freemasonry that led you to our
website will be enhanced by the
information provided here. We have
also included links which will take you
to other web sites that will equip you
with more detailed information about
Once again, welcome to our website
and when you leave please take with
you the sincere and genuine good
wishes of The Lodge of the Mystic
Yours fraternally,
Worshipful Master
Message from the Master
A warm masonic welcome awaits you whether
you are already a Mason or are contemplating
becoming a Mason.

If, after reading the information contained in these pages
and, in particular, the page concerning Membership, you
feel that you would like to join us, please
contact us, without
obligation. A senior member of The Lodge will then get in
touch to discuss matters further.

The Lodge of the Mystic Quest was consecreted in 1918, just bef
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